Blathering Along...

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Moved "Next Door" to my main Blahhhg...

Black Thumb of Death Gardening has moved to my main Blahhhg... The address is in the box to the right.

Why? I am so busy, I rarely post to either blogs. I had not posted here for something like 3 years to this blog!

On my main blog, there is a "Gardening" tab. Click on that. All of the old posts are there, along with a couple of posts from my main blog.

The garden is still evolving and has grown a lot since my first post. I am learning a lot each gardening season. I have had successes and dismal failures. That is all part of growing your own food. Each growing season will not be like the previous season. You know what? That is normal and has been normal since humans started cultivating their own crops.

Never expect. You hope. You also process everything your grow, because the next season, it may not come up as well. Yes... I rotate or rotate dirt from beds to beds to imitate rotating crops. It still happens. I have many micro-climates on my property. What does well in a spot, stays there. Why? Because they did not do well in another area. You have to go with what works and improvise when it does not.

Happy gardening! May the grasshoppers never find your garden!